Hakudo Moon Ceramic Diffuser Set

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Botanical Essence
Made in Japan


Hakudo moon diffuser set comes with a 15ml bottle of botanical essence and two ceramic objects, a half circle and a pillar. The organically contoured ceramic objects have raw surfaces, where it's ideal to drip the essence. Other facets are glazed in matte white. 

Comes in a handcrafted Kiribako box from Kanazawa. 

"Wrapped in the warmth of turmeric and guided by the ancient spirit of koyamaki, it lights the way towards a memory of that which is timeless and eternal. Blue cypress whispers like a crescent moon floating in an indigo sky. Airy notes of frankincense invokes an expansive stillness."

Also available in our Athens store.

Aoiro Airdesign is an olfactory design studio that creates bespoke olfactory identities and experiences.

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