Sigma Cord in Sand

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5% Ramie
95% Acrylic
Made in Greece


Cord bracelet in sand. This bracelet can be personalised by adding different decorative elements. It can easily be unclasped and other elements can be attached.

Size Guide:

XS: Cord Length 18cm - Wrist measurement 13.5cm - 15cm

S: Cord Length 20cm - Wrist measurement 15.5cm - 18cm

M: Cord Length 22cm - Wrist measurement 18.5cm - 20cm

L: Cord Length 24cm - Wrist measurement 20.5cm - 22cm

XL: Cord Length 26cm - Wrist measurement 22.5cm - 24cm

Athenian jewellery designer Yannis Sergakis was born and raised surrounded by diamonds. Sergakis seeks to create jewellery that evokes a history of skilled craftsmanship but that reveal a singularly contemporary energy.

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