Soap Bar in Koronos

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Made in Greece


Soap bar made with natural herbs that gently purify the skin. Formulated with Opuntia Ficus-Indica Seed Oil, extracted from Naxian Prickly pears. Features a powdery and musky scent. 

Top Notes: Pomelo, Ginger, Incense

Heart Notes: Orange flower, Orris

Base Notes: Benjoin, Fir balsam

8.82 Fl. Oz / 250g

The Naxos Apothecary brings together Homeopathy and Phytotherapy with the uniqueness of Greek herbs and natural cosmetics. Founded by brothers Yorgos and Andonis, it pays homage to their birthplace, the island of Naxos. Their organic lotions and potions are based on the island’s rich biodiversity. As well as homeopathic remedies and deliciously unusual fragrances, there’s a wonderful selection of healing herbs and organic tisanes from all over Greece.

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