Growing Independent Fashion Brands by Natalia Mozalova Corre

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In 33 conversations, Growing Independent Fashion Brands documents how leading brand and boutique owners are building companies in the Anthropocene: the age of human-induced climate breakdown.

The minds behind Amomento, Auralee, Baserange, Cristaseya, Extreme Cashmere, J. Hannah, Kenneth Ize, Lee Mathews, P.A.M. (Perks and Mini), Story Mfg and many more, speak candidly about the curated solutions which help them step out of a broken industry system to build new measures of success. Together, they show the nuanced positive outcomes that become available when we see beyond archaic standards and root brand-building in care, instinct, locality and regeneration.

The soft cover book provides industry peers with practical information and inspiration for growing better fashion companies in any corner of the world.

Size: 135mm x 210mm
Weight: 330g

Advance Copy is a podcast and consulting service for pragmatic independent brands. It is led by Natalia, a brand consultant specialising in building direct-to-consumer, wholesale and community strategies. Authenticity, financial stability and well-being are the primary pillars of Natalia’s approach to growing brands that wish to benefit the world. 

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