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dosa x Pippa Small

On 30 May 2024, dosa designer Christina Kim unveiled her first exhibition in Greece: Shades of White / Whisper of Gold. This is part of a month-long takeover of Mouki Mou Athens. Jeweller Pippa Small has created a collection of exclusive pieces for this collaboration. 

“For this show, we designed a special collection responding to the wild Olympian landscapes and rough, limpid Aegean, as imagined to be worn by Athena in all her unrestrained splendour.” Clear pendants, earrings, and rings feature crystals sourced from 500-million-year-old rock formations in the Himalayas, river-tumbled pebbles, and Herkimer diamonds, a rare quartz with an almost ancient, faceted appearance. Handmade in India and set with simplicity in 18ct recycled gold, these nomadic pieces perfectly complement Kim’s layered, boundary-blurring thinking. As Kim says: “I’m always trying to connect the dots in world history and culture.”