Wiener Werkstätte Zig-Zag Pinwheel Earrings in 18k Yellow Gold

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18k Yellow Gold

Intricate earrings with floral shapes in 18k yellow gold with pearls. Ear wire backing. Inspired by the illustrious early 20th century Viennese design workshop, each pieces is handmade and unique.

“One of my favourite periods of jewellery making, especially since they were so devoted to the handmade. Josef Hoffman made some of my favourite jewellery in the world. And the paintings of the time used a lot of gold! I established a few elements to use in this series, thinking for instance of the Successionist building in Vienna and the interiors of the architects of the period like Hoffman and Adolf Loos, and then mixed them up and used them backwards and forwards just playing around. Flowers with spirally centres, which seemed very Gustav Klimt, pinwheels and zig-zags which seemed Viennese, combined with handmade-ness – handmade-ness being the most important element.”

- Judy Geib
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