Lalaounis Necklace/Bracelet in 18k Yellow Gold with Lapis

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18k Yellow Gold


Necklace and bracelet in 18k yellow gold with lapis. This piece can be worn as a short necklace and bracelet or all pieces can be attached to become one long necklace.

Weight: 55.87g

Ilias Lalaounis was born in Athens in 1920, the third generation of a family of goldsmiths and watchmakers from Delphi. After studying economics and law at the University of Athens, he decided to join his uncle’s jewellery firm, where, apprenticed as a goldsmith. Here he learned the skills that were to determine his future as a master craftsman.

Lalaounis took over the family firm in 1941. In the 1950’s, while Greece was recovering from the war, Lalaounis’ vision became clear: he decided to breathe new life into Greek museum arteacts and transform them into jewellery by reviving age old techniques while also introducing the use of modern technology.

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