Set of 7 Tokahu S Candle with Koma Candle Stand S

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Made in Japan
Sumac Wax


Set of seven candles made from sumac wax. Comes with a small Koma candle stand made from Japanese “Nambu-tetsu” cast iron. Handcrafted by Japanese craftsman Hisao Iwashimizu in Iwate Prefecture.

Measurements: Height 80mm x Diameter 16mm

Burn Time: 80mins

"TOHAKU is an homage to ‘The Pine Trees screen’, drawn by Tohaku Hasegawa, one of the most famous painters in Japan. The pine trees in the paintings are of the landscape of Nanao City, and he drew it while recollecting his memories of the beautiful nature of his childhood home. The flame is an extension of the gentle lines of these trees, reminding you of a rustic simplicity."

Takazawa Candle has been making candles from the grace of plants such as the fruits of sumac tree, rice bran, and rapeseed flower oil since 1892. They are based in the city of Nanao, in the Ishikawa prefecture in Japan.  

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