Deia Pottery Big Globe in Mineral Black

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Handmade ceramic globe in black.

Dimensions: Height 20cm x Diameter 13.5cm

Weight: 1.67kg

"Dora is based in a small beautiful town called Deia in Mallorca, she is born in a family of ceramicists. After working in the US and London, she decided to quit her job and completely dedicate her time to the world of ceramics. 

Her one-of-a-kind pieces are made by hand and are inspired by the beauty of the environment: balance of nature, imperfect perfection. the crude and defined, the line and the curve, the space or lack of it. "

Volcanic effect on the surface of the ceramics are made with her own recipe which uses a chemical reaction. The pieces are fired to 1255 degrees. The black clay has a glaze finish made with manganese and metal oxides, which is why it has a metallic look."

Seya is a refined collection of artisanal clothing and objects. Much of founder Keiko Seya’s inspiration is drawn from extensive travel, and Seya’s designs echo this in their trans-cultural appeal.

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