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Hand-poured scented wax candle with a wick made from pure cotton. Comes in a white-lacquered glass. Created and produced in the region of Grasse, the world’s capital of perfumery.

“Pirum is the Latin word for pear; it refers to the edible fruit that grows both in summer and in winter. Amongst thousands of varieties, pears have two distinct origins: the common pear tree, originally from the Middle East, or the Chinese pear tree, from Central Asia, which belongs to the Rosaceae family. If the former was cultivated under the Roman Empire, the latter can be traced back to China 6,000 years ago. Typically narrow at the stalk and wider towards the base, the pear comes in a range of colours – green, brownish-green, yellow or red – and more surprising even, in a dark, heirloom variety, known as the black Worcester pear.
Uniting both lineages in a singular perfume, the scented candle depicts the juicy, black fruit: its sweet, slightly gritty flesh is both firm and voluptuous.”

Burning time: 45 to 50 hours

Measurements: Height 9cm x Depth 7.5cm

Weight: 185g / 6.5 oz

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