Phaedra V2 Blanket

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100% pure new undyed natural British wool & dyed British lambswool
Made in UK


A hand-made blanket hand-woven on a floor hand-loom.

Taking inspiration from the colours of the Cyclades Islands, the Phaedra V2 Blanket twists natural shades of white, grey and black simplicity in a classic bold twill pattern. This large hand-woven throw combines all pure new natural undyed British wool virtues, zero waste design and high production principles with a discreet Aegean blue hand-crochet finishing stitch on both edges. Handwoven, hand-stitched and hand-brushed. Made with love and sustainability from yarn to cloth to final piece.

Hand-wash in cold water, low spin cycle, flat dry, steamed iron in low temperature. Gentle brush with a wool comb.

Measurements: approx. 140cm x 170cm

Maria Sigma is an artist and weaver who combines her love for maths and craftsmanship with her Greek heritage to create beautiful textiles. Sustainable natural fibres and a ‘zero-waste’ approach are at the core of her philosophy.

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