Hakudo Mono Cork Diffuser Set

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30ml Botanical Essence


A set of a cork diffuser pillar and a 30ml Hakudo botanical essence with dripper pipette. The cork diffuser pillar is shaped from burnt cork and is created by Antwerp based Studio Corkinho.

Comes in a paulownia wooden box, traditionally handcrafted in Ishikawa, Japan.

Botanical essence notes: Hiba wood, oak moss, amyris, copaiba, vetiver, elemi, yuzu, green oregano, palmarosa, ajowan and cypress.

"Based on a philosophy derived from Kohdo, the Japanese ceremony of appreciating a subtle & exquisite fragrance, ‘listening’ to the scent allows your senses to be infused and to experience it with your entire being. It invites you to take a deep breath, to prepare yourself for the day, and to feel a sense of tranquility in the evening."

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