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Made in UK
Natural dandelion clock cast in UV resistant resin


A natural dandelion clock encased in clear polyester resin, containing a UV filter to stop fading, which is used to embed the botanical specimens without destroying them, as molten glass would, and the globe shape allows the specimen to be seen in its beauty from all angles, creating a crystal clear effect.

Dandelion (Taraxacum Officinale), this rather mundane but beautiful plant has been used for many purposes. The roots dried and ground for coffee, the leaves included in salads, the flowers for wine making and the leaves and roots for medicinal uses. The design is a supreme example of the care and patience required in its production and was awarded the Tarian Label by the Design Council.

Each paperweight is an original work of art, with no two being identical.

Diameter: 6.4cm, weight: 240g

The original Hafod Grange paperweights were conceived by Barry Needham in 1968.  60 years on from that day, Hafod Grange are still encapsulating delicate blooms and seed-heads in resin so that they can be admired for a lifetime.

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