Set of 24 Four Seasons Coloured Rice Wax Candles

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Rice Bran Wax


Set of 24 colourful candles made out of natural rice wax that have been dipped in natural dyes. The rice bran wax is harder than other waxes, therefore it burns longer, drips less, and produces less smoke and smell when blown out. This wax also produces a larger and brighter flame than the modern paraffin candles.

The packaging is made out of four boxes depicting the four seasons with illustrations that shows the seasonal landscapes of the Shiga prefecture. Every box contains six candles in colours that represent the season.

Handcrafted by artisans in the Shiga prefecture in Japan. Suitable to use with Warosoku Daiyo's Rippoh cube and small iron candle stands.

Burn time: 20min

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