Pearl Bracelet in 18k Yellow Gold

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18k Yellow Gold
Silver Lip Pearl


Link bracelet in 18k yellow gold with a silver lip pearl. Features a ring-like clasp that attaches around the pear. 

Measurements: Inner circumference ca 17cm

"A new era pearl collection that emphasizes the soft curvaceous beauty unique to pearls and enhances the sensual luster to the point of danger. Among them, the ring with pearls set in an exquisite balance expresses modern elegance by three-dimensionally decorating pavé diamonds on delicate thin bullion lines.

Overturning the traditional image of "innocent and graceful pearls" worn in the formal scene, the tense styling emphasizes the strength and passion of a dignified woman. We propose such a mode of pearl jewelry." Hum

Hum was founded by Tokyo-based designers Yuka Inanuma and Tomohiro Sadakiyo. Their vision is to create statement jewellery pieces using traditional Japanese craftsmanship with a focus on sustainability. They collaborate with Diamond Foundry, a California-based company that develops man-made diamonds and regenerated gold and platinum.

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