Blumenhaus Magazine Issue 3

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Blumenhaus is a hybrid of an art book and a magazine founded and designed with care by Camille Gressier and Isabelle Laydier Kristensen. Blumenhaus explores Botany with a romantic approach through 196 pages of editorials, portfolios, words & illustrations.

In this volume:
- Of the importance of gardening by the moon in uncertain times
- Transitioning into horticulture
- Myths and legends: the character of Daphne
- Romantic Modernism and the Bloomsbury Group’s Charleston
- The Poison Garden
- About Edible flowers: Lotus Reveries on Summer Afternoons

Wandering through secret gardens…
- Casa Viviana, house of magic
- Hawaii: Lauren in Wonderlei
- Las Glorias de las Flores

Meeting with...
- Fee Greening
- Marin Montagut
- Oamul
- Michael Dumontier & Neil Farber
- Frances Palmer
- Marcin Rusak
- Renko Floral

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