Rosario Gancino M Necklace in 19k/18k White Gold with 168.70ct Dégradé Jelly Opals

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19k/18k White Gold


Rosary-style necklace with a 19k/18k white gold chain with smooth dégradé 168.70ct jelly opals. Features a hook clasp.

Meausrements: Length 130cm

Birthstone: October

Jelly opal is an opal that has a jelly look to it. It is just like crystal opal but the opal colour is a little bit faint so you can see through the opal pretty easily.

Monica Rossi founded Anaconda in 1980 in a small shop in Milan. Her work consists of intricate handcrafted jewellery from Baroque- and Victorian-inspired pieces to more simple geometric shapes.

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